• Seven of ten of the most traffic congested cities in the world are in Europe
  • In London, drivers waste on average 101 hours per year in traffic
  • The annual cost of congestion per household in Paris is estimated at 20% of the average annual salary. This cost is expected to increase by 60% in the next 15 years
  • Never before have more corporates and start-ups developed digitally enabled mobility solutions
  • The Brussels square mile is the home for 5 different authorities that regulate traffic in Europe


  • Solving the urban mobility challenges requires a coherent and multi-disciplinary approach as it requires co-ordination across urban planning and infrastructure, regulation, corporate business models, technology etc…
  • Collaboration by all stakeholders in an open ecosystem is essential to ensure every stakeholder can extract value
  • Successfully implementing mobility solutions requires a real life environment for trial and learning to adapt the solutions to the specifics of European historical cities (regulation, infrastructure, fiscal rules…)


Bringing together professionals committed to improve urban mobility

  • to co-create and deliver commercially viable innovative mobility solutions,
  • making European cities more livable.


B2E: Business 2 Ecosystem

No single actor will solve urban mobility problems

Let’s join forces to address targeted issues

ECOSYSTEM INNOVATION à collaborating with the aim of commercializing new services based on innovative concepts


  1. Bringing multiple partners together at a very early stage all at once
  2. Rapid innovation (built around what people don’t know) ßà R&D (based on the common factors we do know)
  3. Fast and agile commercialization of ideas

MobiHub purpose


A ‘Do Thank’ leveraging on one another core business’ expertise to deliver practical and innovative mobility solutions, coming from cross organization co-sharing and co-creation initiatives with a limited number of Partners


A ‘Think Thank’ or a ‘praat-baraque’ where a large numbers of members discuss about market needs and constraints, to be supported by the political world and each one going back to his office to adress the needs

Expectations for MobiHub

  • Joined access to resources and external funding


    Clear profitable businessmodels


    Co-creation value propositions through a structured innovation process and organization

  • Case study feasibility of hydrogen as a storage medium and as a power generator


    Concrete deliverables in a Win-Win mode with a technical and commercial viability


    Trust relations among partners

  • Creating a mobility eco-system


    Identifying real innovation opportunities


    Looking for common ground / opportunities / common projects

  • Insights in the mobility plan of one another for sharing best practices


    Better understand the intentions of one another to adopt new technologies to innovate


    Sound understanding about urban mobility issues


How MobiHub intends to work

Sharing ‘inter-companies’ projects based on a 4-steps process

#1  Ideation Lab

#2  Project design & resources allocation/funding

#3  MVP delivery

  • Partners to allocate significant resources to co-create
  • Involvement of the required ‘absent professionnals’
  • Project delivery monitoring

#4  Commercialisation in parallel of solutions improvement & scalability

Ideation LAB 2017

MobiHub is a totally unique initiative. It is a do-tank bringing together five private non-competitive actors to co-ideate, qualify, build and quickly deploy desirable & commercially viable ecosystem innovations with positive impact on urban liveability. The objective being to create momentum and pave the way to broader, more strategic endeavors.  It consisted in a four-weeks Ideation Lab whose objective was to co-ideate & qualify service concepts that can be piloted and launched rapidly and design the needed projects to run such pilots.

Why would a Corporate sponsor MobiHub?

Develop cutting edge mobility solutions in collaboration with other corporates and leading start-ups in the mobility domain

Make mobility innovation a reality based on Silicon Valley inspired, proven methodology and techniques

Get first hand insights about next generation mobility solutions and their underpinning technology

The MobiHub Partners

How is MobiHub sustainable over time?

Corporate sponsors pay for their participation in the different steps of the MobiHub approach (Ideation Lab, project execution…)

MobiHub acts as overall organiser and facilitator of all activities and covers its operational costs with the contributions of Corporates

MobiHub /Avenue Jules Bordet 13 / B-1140 Brussels / +32475240764